My Experience as a Personal Stylist - Margaret Trudeau

Since launching the website, I've decided to start a blog to tell you my story as a personal stylist and the history of Justine's.

As most of you are aware, in my earlier years, I was with the RCMP where I designed and styled the RCMP women's uniforms. Since then, I have dressed many iconic women from all walks of life, celebrities, rockstars, ballet dancers, opera singers, politicians, ambassadors, wives of Prime Ministers - my first one was of course, Margaret Trudeau, one of the women I am truly blessed to have worked with. 

In the early 1980s, as she was on the centre stage here in Canada and the world, she approached me to be her stylist. It was a great honour as she is a beautiful woman with an amazing spirit. It was an endeavour I took on with pride as she was often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, and was labelled as the Jackie O of Canada. I chose the best of Canadian designers to enhance her natural beauty as she accompanied the former Prime Minister on many state visits and charitable causes.

Now, 4 decades later, Margaret and I continue to be friends. I am also honoured as Margaret mentioned our relationship in two of her books, The Time Of Your Life and Changing My Mind. A piece of Justine's history to be proud of!



Christine xx

Photo credit: Dyanne Wilson and GioVanni



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